Hearthstone Friend Feud!

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We all love to play Hearthstone, both with friends that we have known outside of the Tavern and friends that we have meet through Fireside Gatherings. This week, Blizzard is rewarding us with Friend Feud! During this event you and your friend can come together to battle it out for glory, honor and in-game rewards. For one week you can complete quest to receive rewards when you battle in Friendly Challenges with your friends.

Need Friends? Blizzard also has the current Recruit A Friend program going that will award you and your friends that join in Hearthstone. The Friendly Feud is the perfect time to introduce a new player to Hearthstone; you can help them complete quests, earn some gold and have a great time learning the ropes.

Friend Challenge!

When Friendly Feud is over, the fun continues with a brand new quest added to the line-up last week: Friend Challenge! When you see Friend Challenge in your quest log, just choose a deserving friend on your list, issue them a Friendly Challenge, and then play out the match. After your match ends you’ll both be showered in riches! And by riches, I mean 80 gold will be yours! Be sure to finish your games to collect your winnings.

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Keos (Kay-oos) here I have been playing wow since vanilla. Back then i was a Warrior and was a main tank MC and other 40 Man raids. Towards the end of BC i became a Rogue. Not until WOTLK I fell in love with the class i call my main now, the Death Knight. I am not the hardcore raider that i use to be anymore. I still have the passion for WOW like the first day i opened the game for the first time. I most recently have started my adventure of discovering Azeroth from the side of the Alliance. Its an honor to be part of this great team of some of the greatest people I have meet in my adventures in Azeroth.

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