Healing Hellfire: Part 2

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It’s that time again for “Healing Hellfire!” Today, we are healing Hellbreach! This wing of Hellfire Citadel has three encounters starting with Hellfire Assault, followed by the Iron Reaver, and Kormrok. In this guide, we will go over each fight from a healer’s perspective and point out which mechanics you have to look out for.

The Hellfire Assault is a two phase trash wave fight that focuses on priority target switching with extreme amounts of tank damage. Throughout the fight you need to keep rolling HoTs and attention of them. First and foremost the mini-boss Siegemaster Mar’tak needs to be brought down to 50% HP to end her phase. Phase two consists of a strict add priority list that consists of:

Siege engines > Gorbound felcasters > Hulking Berserkers > Contracted Engineers > everything else.

This is the order you should follow when you have some healing downtime. Now let’s get on to the healing mechanics!

  • Siegemaster Mar’tak
    • Shockwave
      • Just dodge it! The cone is super visible and deals a decent amount of damage. This is one of those times you can get mad at your raid for standing in bad. If they do get hit, it requires a decent amount of reactionary healing. Otherwise, don’t worry about it unless your raid members prove they can’t dodge it.
    • Howling Axe
      • Now this is a mechanic you have to be on the lookout for. There is about a four second reaction period between the announcements of the ability, and when it lands. Shielding and HoTing the target in this time frame is recommended. Also, make sure the raid spreads during this period as it does have a radius of five yards.
  • Gorebound Felcaster
    • Metamorphosis
      • This is one of the two big mechanics for healers during this fight. The Felcasters are just a basic mob that you can interrupt until metamorphosis happens at 40% health. They need to be focused down when they begin to channel this ability. If the ability goes off, Felfire Volley can no longer interrupted and does high raid wide AoE damage. If two or more of these happen at once, consider using your healing cool-downs or a devotion aura to mitigate the damage. This is the time to use your strong AoE heal spells.
  • Hulking Berserkers
    • Slam
      • This is the second of the two big mechanics that will need your utmost attention. It is a stacking debuff that the tanks should swap at two stacks. Any more than that needs immediate attention.
  • Contracted Engineer

Remember Siegemaster Mar’tak? Well, she’s piloting the Iron Reaver now. Again, this is a two phase fight consisting of a ground and air phase. From a healer’s perspective the fight is pretty simple. Don’t stand in the bad, dodge the Reaver, and heal people up because there is a lot of raid damage going out.

  • Ground phase
    • Barrage
      • This is a high damage cone AoE attack, but is extremely easy to dodge. Strafing to the right or left is your best option since out-ranging the attack rarely works. Those hit by it need some quick HoT healing, as it applies the Immolation DoT debuff.
    • Pounding
    • Blitz
      • The Reaver will point in a direction and dash forward, picking up all players in his path. In order for the Reaver to drop your affected raid members, you must dispel the Blitz debuff. Once dispelled they will  have a DoT on them and will need extra heals.
    • Artillery
      • This is a tank mechanic. Every so often, the current tank will get targeted with Artillery and the other tank must taunt off. The afflicted tank must get as far away from the raid and vice versa since the closer you are to the target, the more damage you will take. Shield and HoT the target as a priority. Use single target damage reduction mitigation (externals) if the tank is low.
    • Unstable Orb
      • After a set interval, a few random raid members will be targeted with this ability. After it hits, it will place Fel flame patches on the ground that will apply a stack of Immolation. This will be the cause of the majority of the damage going out, heal it up casually.
  • Air Phase: Full Charge
    • Artillery
      • In this phase, Artillery will be applied to 2-4 members of the raid at random, rather than the tank. Direct them to run to the walls to prevent as much damage to the raid as possible. Again, the best method is to apply shields and HoTs to the affected and heal them up as soon as they return to the group.
    • Volatile Firebombs
      • This is the only non-avoidable damage during this phase, so when your services are not needed, DPS these bombs.
    • Falling Slam
      • This is the mechanic that transitions you back to the ground phase. A circle will appear on the ground. Run out of it and help the others to do so as well. You cannot save those who do not make it.

Next we meet Kromrok, Kromog’s Fel-empowered brethren. He has a bunch of mechanics involving the 3 different pools surrounding the area. When Kromrok splashes into one of these pools, certain abilities become empowered. Orange powers the Runes, green empowers the grasping hands, and purple empowers the Fel outpouring. This is more of a technical fight, and the amount of healing required is not high if all mechanics are performed properly.

  • Pound
    • A simple AoE mechanic. As long as the raid is spread four yards apart, a simple raid cool-down will cover the damage done.
  • Explosive Runes
    • Five Runes will appear that need to be triggered by a player stepping on them, causing them to take a large amount of damage. Keep shields and HoTs on these players, as well as direct healing them to full as soon as possible.
    • When Empowered Explosive Runes are active, constant attention must be given to the raid members triggering them.
  • Grasping hands
    • Have the raid loosely stack with four yards in between them. Strong AoE heals are needed here and small cool-downs should be used.
    • When empowered, the tank targeted with Foul Crush will need external mitigation and focused healing applied.
  • Fel Outpouring
    • This is a dodge-able mechanic. If a player gets hit, react and send some heals their way.
    • Empowered Fel Outpouring just gives more to dodge. Dodge it.
  • Splash/Splash/Splash
    • Every time Kormrok jumps into a pool, AoE damage hits the raid. Big Aoe heals need to be ready the moment this hits.
  • Swat
    • When Kormrok is empowered by the purple pools, he will swat the tank. Heal them immediately as this does a large amount of damage.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you guys next time in Part 3 of The ‘Healing Hellfire’ series, the Halls of Blood!


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