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On September 20th, both The Emerald Nightmare will unlock and the new Legion PvP season will begin!

Currently, the highest average item level you can achieve maxes out at around 850. As you finish leveling up to 110, here are some quick ways to gear up and get prepared for the next phase of the expansion:

Gearing While Leveling

First and foremost, it should go without saying that you need your artifact weapon. Not only does it give you new traits and abilities, but it has a massive contribution to your item level. While leveling through the Broken Isles, be sure to pick up any treasures you see. They contain usable items that will give you artifact power, which empowers your weapon and further contributes to your item level. I recommend using the addon Handy Notes with the Legion Treasures plugin to easily see the location of each treasure on your map. Also while leveling, try to avoid killing any rare spawns. The loot they drop scales with your level, so saving them for when you’re 110 means they drop gear that can Titanforge into the 790’s.

World Quests

After hitting 110, make sure to unlock world quests as soon as possible. This will be a major source of obtaining gear – with 805 as a baseline – and some rewards that even scale with your item level. Also be on the lookout for world quests that give artifact power as it indirectly helps by increasing the item level of your weapon.


Due to the influx of players and the implementation of the scaling system, dungeon queues have been relatively quick. Normal dungeons have no minimum item level requirements to queue, and reward 805+ gear. Heroic dungeons require item level 810 gear and drop 825+ loot. Mythic dungeons technically have no item level requirement (but 830 is recommended) and drop 840+ rewards.

Heroic dungeons have a daily lockout, so if you’re crazy enough to try, you could actually be running eight each day. Mythic dungeons are on a weekly lockout, and you have two more weeks until September 20th.

Questing through Suramar will unlock The Court of Stars and The Archway, both of which are mythic only dungeons. The available gear is slightly above the other mythic dungeons with mini-set bonuses and other unique rewards.

Filling in the Gaps

Crafted gear starts at 815 and can be upgraded further using Obliterum. But don’t go spending all your gold and using all your reagents just yet – try dungeons and world quests first for free gear.

Class sets are available from vendors in each Order Hall. Each individual piece has a different requirement, so focusing on an objective can help you get gear for a specific slot. Item levels start at 810, and upgrades are available for purchase separately. Note that the helm piece is the easiest to obtain, as it unlocks by simply hitting level 110.


Titanforged and other forms of random upgrades are always a possibility. And don’t forget – if you’re lucky enough, you might just end up with a legendary on your hands!

Good luck to everyone as you gear up! Be sure to stay tuned to the PDQ for WoW updates and Legion news!

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