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Timewalker Dungeons have been announced as a new form of content being introduced in 6.2. For those who have not read about it, I’ll redirect you to the official announcement page here, but the long and skinny of it is this: A handful of Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King dungeons will be made available for you to ‘timewalk’ into, scaling your level and iLvl down according to the dungeon. The rewards for doing these dungeons are ‘timewarped’ versions of equipment the dungeons dropped when they were relevant, but that is not what I am excited about. I am excited for the opportunity to dust off my old favorite gear and trinkets, and combining them with the various legendaries that have been released over the past few expansions. These Timewalker dungeons will finally give players the opportunity to use gear released from the past few expansions together equally. I’m not just excited to do these dungeons, I’m excited to put together the most optimized set of gear possible, outfitted with the best gems and enchants possible, to become a god and utterly dismantle these dungeons in a way that Blizzard had not anticipated.

To start the article off, I’ll address various questions readers may have regarding these new dungeons.

1) Yes, all legendaries work in these dungeons. It was a concern of mine that the legendary cape might not proc in these dungeons, but I can confirm after doing them myself that the cape does proc just as much as it did in MoP, if not more. 

2) The scaled-down iLvl for Burning Crusade dungeons is 95, Lich King iLvl is 160, and your Level itself is scaled down to meet the dungeon (so 70 for bc, 80 for lk). Keep in mind, all items are scaled down to that iLvl. So even if you walk into a LK timewalker dungeon wielding an item that was current for that expansion, such as Shadowmourne, Bryntroll, or Deathbringer’s Will, it will still be scaled down to match 160 iLvl. So you will not get the same feeling as you did carrying your friends in heroics back in LK using your ICC 25 man gear. This does not mean you still cannot optimize your gear set and become a god, however.

3) Weapon procs, item procs, all gems and all enchants work as normal in these dungeons, although they are scaled down (gems are kind of an exception, but more on that later). This means you have the entire Gem/Enchant library to choose from when pimping your gear, so you can pick the most optimal enhancement from any expansion for an item, and are not just restricted to WoD enchants. More on this later.

With that in mind, we can move forward with our parameters set. My main is a warrior, so I’m not deeply knowledgeable about every class in the game. The next part of the article will be covering general information and tips that all classes can use, and I will end on the 2nd page by giving specific advice for warriors.

My first advice, obviously, is to pick up any legendary items you may banked. Dragonwrath, Fangs of the Father, Shadowmourne, Val’Anyr, and Celestial Shroud all work fine for these dungeons. As a bonus, the legendary meta gem does work in these dungeons (I tested it myself), so if you have completed your cape quest, I strongly recommend going to Wrathion’s fat panda bodyguard and buying it. Keep in mind, those meta gems are only socket-able in an iLvl of 502+ helmet, but this is not a difficult task since any raid-level MoP helmet will do. If you have completed the quest but do not remember if any were good, you can find a list of these meta gems here.

For those without legendary items, you can still have heaps of fun gearing up, since there are a plethora of other weapons to choose from that have seared their mark into WoW history. Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps and Bryntroll, the Bone Arbiter are classic weapons that wreaked havoc on their respective patches. Dual No’Kaled, the Elements of Death were godlike for Enhancement shaman back in dragon soul because the proc scaled with their mastery, and Ti’tahk, the Steps of Time is a sexy weapon for casters that also buffs your group. Hunters can use some really good bows like Zod’s Repeating Longbow and Vishanka, Jaws of the Earth. Even tanks and healers can make up for lacked legendary weapons with things like Souldrinker or Maw of the Dragonlord. End-of-expansion raids are treasure troves of unique weapons that were really good or overpowered for their time, so I suggest combing through the Ice Crown Citadel weapons here or the Dragon Soul weapons here to find something cool. If procs on your weapons are not your thing, I highly recommend finding a weapon with as many sockets as possible because of how gems scale in these dungeons, but more on that later. As a pretty significant side-note, I’m going to mention the Sha-Touched Weapons, Sha-Touched Gems, and Eye of the Black Prince. If you do not have a legendary weapon, I obviously recommend you use this combo if you can. The Sha-Touched Gems scale down to 25 main stat in LK and BC timewalker dungeons, which is just monstrous. Getting 25 stats in your sha-gem, and a free 10 stats from your red gem you put into the socket given by Eye of the Black Prince, is absolutely staggering, as that is an entire other weapon worth of primary stat. 

Weapons are not the only things that can be sexy, there is alot of gear released in past expansions that can be just as powerful (specifically trinkets). Timewalker dungeons give you the unique ability to choose from almost any Tier set (and any gear, for that matter) you want. Granted, some of the old bonuses have been broken or made obsolete as classes have changed over the years, but some can still be relevant and really good. I’m not an expert in all classes, so I will leave it up to you, the reader, to find your best set, but I will say the best tier sets are usually the ones released in end-of-expansion raids. This is because the sets usually have 8 or more sockets between all the pieces, as well as having mostly optimized secondary stats. So check out the sets from Siege, Dragon Soul, or even ICC (If you only like crit or haste) and find a set that suits you. Regarding boots/belt/wrist/etc, you obviously want to find any pieces that have your two optimal secondary stats as well any gem sockets.

Trinkets and off-pieces are just as important as your gear set, and there are alot to choose from. Just like weapons, even certain trinkets have left their mark on WoW history. For example, things like Deathbringer’s Will, Vial of Shadows, and Dislod
ged Foreign Object
 made PvP’ing in LK just as brutal as Shadowmourne did. You can have different trinkets for different situations if you would like, since there have been highly-specialized trinkets released in the past that are really good at either AoE or single target. The best trinkets that are useful for all situations are Wrath of Unchaining, Will of Unbinding, and Eye of Unmaking, since they give a constant boost of your primary stat, which is your best DPS stat. If you want to carry some trinkets specifically for aoe or single target, there are some good options. For AoE or Cleave situations, Bone-Link Fetish and Cunning of the Cruel are very good for those that can use them, because they proc entirely separate spells that scale with your damage increases, damage taken increases on the target, etc. The Vial of Shadows does the exact same thing but is not AoE, so I recommend it for single target fights for AGI users. The healer equivalent trinket, Windward Heart, is also really, really good, as it scales just like the procs of the other 2 trinkets. Just like weapons, the best trinkets are often released in the end-of-expansion raid(although this is not always the case, such as Fabled Feather of Ji-Kun), so since im not an expert at all classes and thus able to give you perfect suggestions, I will suggest combing through the ICC trinkets here and the Dragon Soul trinkets here.

Oh yes, I’m sure you’re curious about the Siege of Orgrimmar trinkets. I was able to test some of them on the PTR, and I’m sad to report that the most interesting ones (the cooldown reducing trinkets, cleave trinkets, and crit-amplifying trinkets) have their passive percentage-based parts scaled down into uselessness. I reported this as a bug in hopes of blizzard making them useful, but I would not count on it being changed.

As a side-note before continuing, one special item I want to point out is the Revered/Exalted Ashen Verdict ring. The exalted version has a socket, which already makes it better than the majority of rings for TW dungeons, but it also has a very special proc that gives stats similarly to the legendary ring. The stats may not be optimal for certain specs (being restricted to crit/haste), but the proc has about a 45 second ICD, and procs 240 attack power for the DPS ones. If you can, I highly recommend using this ring no matter the spec, since just the sheer amount of stats given by the ring’s proc is enough to outweigh any problems you might have with the 2 secondary stats on the ring.

Now that we have some general ideas on weapons and armor, we get to decide on the best gems and enchants to use on them. Thanks to the newly released WoD enchants for neck, cloak, and ring, you can have almost your entire gear set enchanted for timewalker dungeons. Shoulder and leg enhancements, enchants for gloves, wrists, and boots, are all available for use if you use a 600 or lower iLvl piece of gear. So, in addition to being able to use stat-optimized gear from past expansion that also have sockets, you can enchant that same gear with primary-stat enchants. For most classes, your primary stat is going to be your best throughout stat (this might change for tanks), so I recommend gemming and enchanting for your primary stat where able. To find out your best enchants/gems for certain armor slots, I highly recommend checking out this easy to read spreadsheet, made by the very lovely Aelobin on the Maelstrom server EU.  

The time has finally come, the thing I have been hinting at all article; gems. Why are gems special? Well, it mostly has to due with how most old gems had their stats standardized going between MoP and WoD. Before the stat squish, each expansion’s gems gave more stats than the previous expansions, and socketed gear released during that time had their ilvl budget adjusted accordingly. During the squish, all primary stat gems (regardless of level) reduced to give 10 stats. This means primary-stat gems are worth alot more to low-level gear, since their sockets were balanced around old-world gems that gave much lower amounts of primary stat than the modern ones do. Without making this any more complicated, socketed gear will be able to give you exponentially more stats than a non-socketed item of the same ilvl. For example, my Treads of Crushed Flesh gave around 12 strength at iLvl 160, and I socketed it with 2 Bold Crimson Spinel, which with the socket bonus nearly tripled the strength of my boots. Apply that to every other gear slot, and you can see the kind of impact gems will have in these dungeons. As far as what gems to use, I recommend Crimson Spinel or Cardinal Ruby, since they do not require an ilvl and are usually cheaper than cata or MoP gems. For those wondering about WoD gems, my great crit gem scaled down to giving +16 crit rating, so when compared to the 10 main stat the other gems give they’re really not worth it, since most DPS classes’ best stat is their primary stat. Meta gems are still a thing in past expansion, so pick one up, and if you don’t have access to the legendary meta gem you can find a list of ordinary meta gems in Aelobin’s spreadsheet above. Also use a Living Steel Belt Buckle, since its a free gem slot and works on any MoP belt and below.

 Having read this, you should now have a decent idea on where you want to start your Timewalker set. Some people will just simply walk into Timewalker dungeons come patch 6.2 in their WoD gear, like filthy casuals, just because they want to get the reward and get out. You and me, my friend, we are not like that. I know you want to go in there feeling like Hercules himself (or Xena, whichever), wielding a legendary weapon and the best gear that World of Warcraft has ever offered. Get involved with the game and your gear, put together a set for yourself and see how quickly you and your friends can sail through a Timewalker dungeon when 6.2 launches. You have to make your own fun sometimes in this game, so treat Timewalker dungeons like you treated a cardboard box when you were a kid; use your creativity to gain a greater sense of fun than was intended.

 If you are still here after that very touching conclusion, you must be curious about the warrior suggestions I mentioned at the start of this article. While testing dungeons on the PTR, I had collected various interesting proc items to test, so my findings on that plus general suggestions will be on the next page. Even non-warriors can glean some useful stuff out of it, so if you are curious, head over to the second page for more info. If not, thanks for reading, and if you find any noteworthy trinket, set bonus, or piece of gear you think would be really fun in TW dungeons, please send me a mail alliance-side on Kel’Thuzad to Jaybee, or email me at!

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  1. As a warrior would it be effective to dual weild Hatebringers as they have 3 sockets each even though they're only level 94? I'm actually targetting beyond BC, Say in Wrath TW would they still be effective?

  2. I play a ret pally but I guess there some similarities with warrior. The thing about gems I wanted ask you about was the whole 10primary stats vs 5primary with 10 secondary. I’ll copy and paste what I posted from MMO champion.

    So I was thinking about this and was wondering if the hybrid gems would do better than the straight up strength ones. Now I skipped both cata and mop so I came back from Wrath after the stat squish and from what I read the secondary stats are now more powerful than what they were in cata and mop but correct me if I am wrong. Using stat weights from two sources (however both take T18 into account so it might not be accurate?):
    Ask Mr Robot
    Str=1, Mastery=.8, Haste=.76, Crit=.75
    So a red bold gem is 10 points so to speak
    An orange str/mastery gem is (5+(10*.8))= 13 points or str/crit gem (5+(10*.75))=12.5 points

    Someone else on this forum posted stat weights, Im using the ones for picking final verdict but also T18 so it might not work as good
    Str=9.53, Mastery=6.45, Haste=4, Crit=5.31
    So a red bold gem is 90.53 points so to speak
    An orange str/haste gem is ((5*9.53)+(10*4))=87.65 so in this case 10 str is better if using stat weights above.

    So what are you guys thoughts? I am just wondering what the stat weights are best to use for timewalking situations (non T18 or perhaps other Tier sets as mentioned in previous posts)

  3. ATM im deciding between Thok’s tail tip and Spark of Zandilar if they are better than Chipped soul from supreme lord and the Grontooth war horn for Timewalking as a Titans grip Fury warrior. if you have any info that would be great! those are the best old style trinks i got for them

    1. Post

      In my opinion, use any combination of the three, but do not use Chipped Soul. Secondary and tertiary stats are always outweighed heavily by strength

      1. 2 of the best items for timewalking that I've found come from Engineering.  The 476 Goggles have 2 cogwheels and a meta socket, which is just ridiculous.    But the best trinket is definitely the Ghost Iron Dragonling.  Using the vendor, you can socket it with two 42 Crit cogwheels, and one 42 Mastery cogwheel.  the 42 stat cogwheels stay the same in all timewalkings.   The crafted 38 stat cogwheels go down to 30 in BC.  Something to also keep in mind.

  4. Been searching for a while now, but you were the one to finally answer my question about why 1 primary stat was better than 2 secondary stats. Agility gems it is!

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