Friendship Moose: the Grove Warden mount

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The community-driven Friendship Moose movement brings both elite and casual players together for a common goal: the Grove Warden mount.

You want to kill Heroic Archimonde for the achievement—but there’s a catch: Most groups want you to be geared (demanding a 710+ilvl) and link the Black Gate Achievement to guarantee fast kills and no wipes (I counted 132 wipes before I got my Heroic Archimonde kill). While it is reasonable to want geared players to kill Archimonde, it follows the same circular logic as a similar scenario in real life: need job for experience, need experience for job.

Some people pay for full Heroic or Mythic kills, or even entire runs., so the market for buying runs is generally limited to those with vast amounts of gold. Mythic runs can go for hundreds of thousands of gold—more if you want the gear for your class and spec. The upside is you can rub shoulders with high-ranked guilds, which is what you’re really paying for (let’s face it, the gear’s going to be worthless once Legion comes out).

#FriendshipMoose, brain-child of Twitter user @thomicks, is an effort to pair geared players with those who haven’t had a chance to get into Heroic Archimonde runs. The runs are free, and the Grove Warden mount is the reward. Like all raids, you’ll need to put in your time and effort into gearing your character; the creators suggest gearing your characters to at least 710 before taking him on. The initiative was initially intended for North American Alliance players only, but has branched out to both factions and EU players as well, and even has its own website: “We will form a core group of individuals who can take less experienced players through. To that end, the first attempt will likely not happen until January 2016, but it is expected that participants will work toward gearing up over the next few weeks (with the community’s help, of course!),” said the creators.

The Friendship Moose organizers intend to bring a sense of community—to bridge the gap between the small number of players in Mythic content and those who just don’t have the time or the gear to advance into Heroic—and even get those who only PvP to get the mount. The organizers claimed that the mount runs won’t start until January 2016 at the earliest—I’ve signed up to volunteer myself, so expect me to be in one of your Friendship Moose runs.


p style=”text-align: justify;”>What do you think? Are you going to try to get into a Heroic Archimonde group to win this fabulous mount? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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