Friend or Foe: Garrosh Hellscream

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Garrosh ruled with the iron fist of a tyrant. In his dream of restoring the Horde to its former glory, he made every member expendable. It is so easy to say that, for the sake of power, Garrosh Hellscream would stop at nothing. During the trial in Pandaria, Garrosh showed no remorse for his actions and, if anything, he seemed proud of what he had done. The crimes Garrosh committed are as follows: Genocide, murder, forcible transfer of population, enforce disappearance of individuals, enslavement, abduction of children, torture, killing of prisoners, forced pregnancy, and the destruction of cities, towns, and villages with no military or civilian need. It is clear that he has perpetrated quite a list of crimes during his rule. I do believe, however, that it should be known that he was charged with the crimes of all those who operated in his name and or under his command. You’re probably wondering why I bring all of this up at all, but I want to discuss whether or not Garrosh Hellscream ultimately served a greater purpose, despite his atrocities.

To begin this discussion we need to start with the elephant in the room; Of course, I am talking about his long list of crimes. While I won’t break each one down, I want to discuss some of the most infamous examples of actions taken in the name of Garrosh Hellscream. One of the most obvious crimes that the Horde witnessed was the hatred shown to the Trolls after the attempted assassination of Vol’jin. Trolls were harassed by Orc guards and forced into the slums of Orgrimmar. Eventually, Garrosh attempted to massacre the Trolls on the Echo Isles and Sen’jin Village. This act sparked what would be known as the Darkspear Rebellion. Though there are too many instances to cite, Garrosh has indeed forced many individuals to disappear. Often they were disposed of with a detachment of Kor’kron Guards. One of the more devistating charges on the list of crimes is Forced Pregnancy. This particular crime took place during the first Orc invasion and was committed by the Dragonmaw clan against Alexstrasza; They had forced the Life Binder to lay eggs so that they may force the brood into slavery as weapons against the Alliance. Due to Garrosh allying himself with the Dragonmaw clan, their crimes are his to bear. The largest and most fresh wound of all is the destruction of settlements with no military or civilian need. Of course, I am talking about the bombing of Theramore. This attack served a double purpose for Garrosh; First, it served to draw the greatest commanders of the Alliance to one location for defense and to rescue the spy Thalen Songweaver. Ironically enough, Thalen was the one who designed the very mana bomb which was dropped on Theramore. Out of all the brave Alliance soldiers who defended Theramore, only an extremely small number of them survived. Of course, there are countless other examples of the horrible things Garrosh has done, but to go through them all would make this far too long.

Next, I want to discuss the things Garrosh did to positively impact the Horde. This is going to be a hard selling point, so before you make any final judgments, I would like you all to just listen for a moment. Garrosh didn’t do many things right, however, he did ultimately unify the Horde. Before the Siege of Orgrimmar, the races of the Horde rarely worked together. It was rare to see the Undead or Blood Elves working with races other than themselves. Yet during this one moment, all races of the Horde worked together to overthrow Garrosh. To many, this may seem insignificant, but the Horde has always been an alliance of convenience, which has allowed the races to operate almost entirely independently until another problem arises which requires additional aid. One could argue that in almost every expansion, the races of the Horde must work together and, in return, I would argue that it was never to this scale. His abuse of the Blood Elves had forced them to take a more active role in the Horde. Looking a little deeper we even see a temporary friendship between the Alliance and the Horde. I use the word friendship lightly here, as Garrosh simply set events in motion, which required both the Horde and Alliance to work together. The events during the Siege of Orgrimmar and dealing with the Iron Horde have drawn the rival factions to ally themselves with one another. In the end, he planted a seed for cooperation, while the threat of the Burning Legion invasion approached.

You may think I am just grasping at air in the hopes of lessening the crimes of the Horde’s former leader, or you may think I made some valid points. I am going to leave that for you to decide since, honestly, it all comes down to perspective. Feel free to let me know if you agree or disagree in the comments or even if you want to share some of the things Garrosh did that made you hate him if I didn’t already mention them.

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