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Garrisons – some love them, some hate them. Regardless of where you stand, you're probably trying to make the most of WoD by cashing out on all that your garrison has to offer. Treasure Hunter followers, gold making missions from the inn, or the free crafting resources from your mine and herb garden – all these are great methods to make the most of your garrison. But did you know that there is a way to get even more free stuff from your naval missions? Equipping your ships with the Tuskarr Fishing Net is an easy way to get free fish, an extra source of gold, and even a method for obtaining a rare mount!

The Tuskarr Fishing Net Blueprints can be purchased and learned by getting honored reputation with your Tanaan faction (Hand of the Prophet for Alliance or Vol'jin's Headhunters for Horde). After purchasing the blueprints from the Tanaan vendor, the equipment itself can be bought from the naval equipment specialist in your shipyard for 500 garrison resources. To equip a ship with the equipment, simply right click the object in your inventory and choose a ship. Note that once you’ve learned the blueprints they are saved for your character, however, you will have to buy individual nets from the naval vendor for each of your ships that you want to equip.

Alliance: Buy your blueprints from Vindicator Krethos at 58, 60 in Tanaan Jungle (Lion's Watch) and buy the equipment itself from Salty Jorren at 28, 10 in your shipyard (Shadowmoon Valley).

Horde: Buy your blueprints from Shadow Hunter Denjai at 61,45 in Tanaan Jungle (Vol'mar) and buy the equipment itself from Kronk Rustspark at 40, 72 in your shipyard (Frostfire Ridge).

When a ship equipped with the Tuskarr Fishing Net returns from a mission, you will be given a random amount of Draenor fish. These fish can be used to craft food, particularly the rather expensive +125 stat food used for raiding. Excess fish that you don’t use can be sold on the auction house for some easy gold. Each “enormous” fish that is caught also counts towards the Draenor Angler achievement, which is the first step to upgrading your fishing shack to level 3 and obtaining the Crimson Water Strider mount from the Nat Pagle questline in your garrison.

But here is the best part – the Sea Turtle! Previously this mount was a super rare catch that could only be obtained by fishing in specific zones, so it took quite a while to farm. But the Tuskarr Fishing Net equipment gives ships a small chance to return with this mount! I got mine this way a few months ago and it was super easy!

Realistically, using the Tuskarr Fishing Net on your ships is not going to make you millions of gold, but just try it out and you’ll be surprised by all the free stuff you can get! At the very least, equip your transport ship that goes on your oil rig missions. The short return time means more fish for you! Personally, I have the net on all my ships for all of my toons. I’m able to cook all the food I need for raids, and even have some leftovers to sell or throw in the guild bank.

If you need help building your shipyard and getting started with some of the missions and equipment, check out this guide Dan the Paladin wrote a while back.

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