Fishing Artifact – The Complete Guide: Underlight Angler

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There are 3 things needed in order to get this artifact:

For the achievement, you need to catch all 18 of the rare fish listed above. This achievement is going to be very long and challenging so grab a few cold Dark Brew Lagers, settle in and enjoy the scenery. 

Once you have caught all the fish, have a skill level of 800 in fishing you will then need to go to random Legion pools and fish up the Luminous Pearl which will begin the set of quests to get the artifact. 

What you will need to begin:

  • Makes sure you have a good amount of bag space before you begin.
  • You will need to take an inventory of the fish you will need to have to complete the achievement Bigger Fish to Fry. I would track the achievement to make it easy. 
  • Have some Arcane Lures on you and use them. Keep in mind this will not give you a guarantee that you will get a lure but it will increases your chances. You can buy them from Conjurer Margoss on the floating island Northwest of Dalaran. It cost 1 Drowned Mana.
  • Focus on one zone to start. You will want to get the lures for each zone by fishing the pools then use them one by one to get it done and over with quickly.
  • You will also want to have some Oversized Bobber on you as well. You can buy them from the Dalaran fishing vendor. 

Here you will find the video guide that I  did to help you get prepped with everything you will need to begin getting the lures you need to obtain the weapon. I did the video as I went thru getting the weapon so it is the most up to date information on the strategy for getting the weapon easily but with a fair amount of spare time. 

Rare Fish You Need
Lures are needed to fish up these rare types
The Great Sea

Artifact Information:

Underlight Angler

Artifact Traits:
  • Better Luck Next Time
    • Passive: Grants a chance to catch boots when fishing in the Broken Isles.
  • Stormray Angling
    • Passive: Increases chance to catch Stormrays in the open waters of Stormheim.
  • Highmountain Salmon Angling
    • Passive: Increases chance to catch Highmountain Salmon in the open waters of Highmountain.
  • Bloodfishing
    • Passive: Grants a chance to catch Blood of Sargeras when fishing in the Broken Isles.
  • Runescale Koi
    • Passive: Increases chance to catch Runescale Koi in the open waters of Suramar.
  • Black Barracuda
    • Passive: Increases chance to catch Black Barracuda in the open oceanic waters of the Broken Isles.
  • Cursed Queenfish Angling
    • Passive: Increases chance to catch Cursed Queen in the open waters of Azsuna.
  • Mossgill Perch Angling
    • Passive: Increases chance to catch Mossgill Perch in the open waters of Val’sharah.
  • Surface Tension
    • Passive: Walk on Water
  • Underlight Blessing
    • Passive: Become a fish when underwater, allowing you to breathe water and swim rapidly.
  • Undercurrent
    • On Use: Teleports you to the nearest fishing node.
  • Way of the Flounder
    • Reduces enemy detection by 5 yards while fishing. 

The artifact power you get for the fishing artifact weapon is separate from the regular artifact power. The rare fish you catch after you have the weapon equipped when thrown back into the water will grant you 50 artifact power for each fish. 

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