Dungeons for Dummies: A Legion Guide for Ranged DPS Newbies and Late Starters (Part II)

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Part II – We continue our dungeon guide for dummies with:

Dungeon 2: The Eye of Azshara (98-110) Located in Azsuna, Broken Isles.

  • Early encounters in this dungeon include things like lightning and tornadoes.
  • Stay out of the blue lightning on the ground, and try to steer clear of the tornadoes.
  • Some mobs (depending on the path your tank chooses) have Hatecoil Warriors, stay to the side or behind them if you can.
  • If you have interrupts, focus on Hatecoil Stormweavers, specifically their Arc Lightning and Storm spells…and Hatecoil Crushers with their Thundering Stomp.

There’s no specific order for the first bosses in the dungeon, but the most common order is used here.

First Boss: Warlord Parjesh

This boss requires situational awareness, but defeating him is mostly straightforward. The most important mechanics you should know include:

  • Parjesh calls for help from time to time. Help comes in the form of either a Hatefoil Crestrider or a Hatecoil Shellbreaker.
  • The Crestrider heals Parjesh, so if you have interrupts responsibility be sure to interrupt their Restoration spell. Of lesser importance, interrupt the Shellbreaker’s Bellowing Roar.
    After he’s called for help a few times, he gets mad and pulls out his big Impaling Spear.
  • You’ll see an arrow on the floor showing you which direction he’s planning to throw the spear. Get out of the way.
  • Or, if you’re targeted, get behind one of the adds/enemy reinforcements. His impaling spear will strike the bad guy add rather than you.
  • If there are no adds, or they’re too far, just be sure no one else is in the path and prepare to use healing spell of your own or potion to avoid death or extreme damage.
  • Stay out of melee range, and/or step to the side when he casts Crashing Wave.
  • Stay out of stuff on ground.

Second Boss: Lady Hatecoil

She hangs out on a beach protected by four Arcanists. Two of these must be killed to activate her.

  • Stay spread out for this part of the encounter.
  • The Arcanists cast harmful spells that will spread to other players within 5 yards of the targeted player.
  • The most damaging Arcanist spell, Aqua Spout, should take priority for interrupt. This causes fountains of water to erupt underneath players. While it’s great fun being squirted into the air, it also unfortunately decreases your dps, and it hurts when you land.
  • Avoid any water spouts.
  • When adds are present, the priority should be to dps in this order:
    1 – the Animated Storms,
    2 – the Wavebinders,
    3 – the Arcanists.
  • Wavebinder shields will not reflect damage, only slow it. Once broken through, damage is increased on the target.
  • Otherwise, just dps and burn baby, burn.
  • Bear in mind you may be turned into a fish from time to time. Enjoy the 8 seconds of finding Dory, unless the healer dispels you.

Now for the Lady herself, you will definitely need situational awareness including where the sand dunes are and how to use them. You know how you should never be around electricity when you’re in the water or your feet are wet? That’s important. The main things to remember are:

  • Bloodlust/hero/time warp should be used at the beginning of this fight since everyone can reliably stand on a dune in safety for the first bit. Do not stay on shore.
  • She frequently electrifies the water with a Static Nova spell (and it will be her first). Be on a sand dune to avoid damage.
  • Do not stay on shore (past the black rocks) or you will be heavily damaged for your laziness. Use the dunes. This is easy as a ranged dps, and more so since it takes her 4 seconds to cast Static Nova.
  • Locks may want to set up a gateway between water and dune, but it’s not really necessary.
  • Next, she just strikes everyone with a lightning bolt. When this happens, the sand dunes you’re on or near are obliterated and (via a parallel spell) any players you are near receive additional damage. So, be in the water – away from the dunes and other players – when she casts Focused Lightning or you’ll be hurting your team’s chances.
  • When she gets bored with those two, she’ll summon a Globule near each player. Kite yours to the tank (unless overridden by the mechanics above, in which case wait for the tank to aggro them away). Try to be away from them when they explode (die) to avoid damage.
  • On heroic, monsoons are spawned which target a player. If hit, the player is knocked into the air. Monsoons dissipate after they destroy a dune – so if you’re targeted, the best action is to protect the dunes near your team by kiting it to a distant dune and dissipating it there.

This last mechanic can be important and is easier to forget:

  • She sneaks in a spell on random players (called Curse of the Witch) that does nothing for over 10 seconds (12 to be exact) and inflicts little direct damage.
  • BUT, when it expires from a player, a bright pink cone appears in front of them that will knock back all other players standing in front of it.
  • The problem is, if that player is busy getting in or out of the water to avoid damage to themselves or dunes/other players this may knock them into harm’s way.
  • So if you have it, remember to face away from other players when the pink cone suddenly appears in front of you (or preferably a couple of seconds before). If you know who has it, try to get away from them.
  • Dispelling activates the cone.

Third Boss: Serpentrix

Just getting to him can be one, big, chaotic mess. Tanks have differing ideas about which, and how many, mobs to kill along the way, so just put on your big dps pants and go with the flow. Make every effort not to pull anything the tank doesn’t pull first.

Hardshells, Stillwalkers, and Hydras are trash worth noting, as they can cause problems when pulled with other trash.

  • Hardshells are mostly a pain to melee, but if you have interrupt responsibility use it on them on Armorshell. Once armorshell is cast, when it is damaged enough it explodes and damages the whole team.
  • Stillwalkers spray damaging sand in front of them, and can cause sandstorms which can reduce hit chance. Never stand in front of them.
  • Stormwake Hydras are a nuisance – they inflict damage both in front and behind them. Stay to their side. If whacked by their tail, you may get thrown right into another trash mob.
    Stay out of beams and any ground effects.
  • Depending on your tank, you may kill quite a number of these trash mobs before activating the boss encounter. Or, they may move to the boss quickly in hopes of being able to handle both the boss and additional mobs when needed.
  • Seagulls – they suck.  Enough said.  Stay as far away as possible.  If pulled, kill quickly.

Serpentrix himself fights in phases: 

  • During the first portion of the fight, pay attention to green stuff on the ground and stay out of it.
  • If the green stuff is dropping at your feet (Toxic Wound) you must move to avoid death. Move away from your team trying to drop the green puddles close to or slightly overlapping one another. This stuff remains through the fight and damages anyone who steps in it.
  • He will submerge twice during the fight (at 66% and 33% for those wanting to know) kicking off new phases.
  • Two red hydra (Blazing Hydra Spawn to be precise) emerge near a different sinkhole.
  • Target and kill these adds before returning to the boss. EXCEPTION: if at a distance and Serpentrix is casting Rampage interrupt him if you have the ability. Then target and kill Blazing Hydra.
  • These adds blast the whole team with a powerful Blazing Nova Area of Effect (AoE) spell. Interrupt if you can (and your responsibility) and burn them down.
  • Stay in range of your healer.
  • If an Arcane Hydra Spawn is up instead of a Blazing Hydra Spawn (heroic), focus on the Blazing Hydra first.

Fourth Boss: King Deepbeard

The trash leading to Deepbeard is a lot less chaotic, and your tank may skip some of it by steering clear. Be sure to follow his/her lead.

Most are murlocs or slaves, with spells that slow you down. This section can be very taxing on the healer since the tank is getting hammered by these mobs, so do what you can to AoE the mobs quickly and heal yourself. And be sure neither you or your pet pull any extra mobs.

When you get through the cave, you’ll encounter bigger trash. Stay out of the swirls on the ground (they’ll erupt shooting you high in the air with a painful landing). You’ll get knocked over several times, but keep hammering on the Wavecrashers (first) and Tidestompers (second).

Killing the King

There is really only one main mechanic to this fight you’ll need to know, and it has to do with the bubbles. More on that later.

  • The King starts at low health and gets stronger.
  • Spread out, away from others.
  • Avoid being in front of the King, especially when his health gets low again. He will use a front-focused high damage body slam you need to avoid.
  • When he gets full health, he causes a massive earthquake which spreads damage among players close together.
  • Get off the crack marks in the floor (the first ones form under your feet), they cause aftershock damage.
  • The King also summons pools of water everywhere, causing relatively low damage. There are so many, just try to avoid getting hit by several at once.


  • Since you’re not a tank, you will likely be placed in a Gaseous Bubble at least once during the encounter.
  • The bubble absorbs damage, effectively shielding you.
  • They last for 20 seconds unless exhausted before then by absorbing damage.
  • HOWEVER, if they last the full 20 seconds they will explode, causing group-wide damage and possibly even enough to wipe.
  • You MUST ensure you take damage during this time to exhaust the bubble prior to explosion.
  • The best way to do this is to wait for the earthquake, and purposely stand in the aftershock.
  • The water pools don’t do enough damage.
  • Depending on the order your group is taking the bosses, there may be lightning bolts you can stand in.

Fifth Boss: Wrath of Azshara

Getting there:

  • Avoid the tidal waves circling the islands.
  • You must kill the four Nagas before getting to the boss.
  • Lightning blasts will target random players, not deadly but be ready to heal yourself if needed.
  • Arcane Bomb puts a large bomb over a player’s head, which is slowly descending and follows them. The bomb does extensive damage when it explodes.
  • If the bomb is on you, move yourself (and therefore the bomb) away from the rest of the party. The healer will dispel the bomb once you’re away from everyone, rendering it stationary.
  • Once dispelled, run away from the bomb back to the gang to avoid explosion damage.

Her Wrathness

This fight is tons of fun for those who love to run and dodge things while fighting. It’s hell on DPS for spell casters like locks, but for those who can move and shoot it’s great practice. There’s only one target, so cleave isn’t needed either.

  • Stay in range of the healer. You’re bound to take some damage at some point.
  • Tidal Waves – circle the fight area. Avoid them.
  • Tornadoes – avoid them. They knock you into the air as well as cause direct damage.
  • If you have to pick one or the other quickly, jump in the wave!
  • Lightning strikes – move out of areas on the ground showing where they’ll hit.
  • Crushing Depths (heroic only) – a circle surrounds a player on the ground, signaling upcoming damage within the circle. Players should run INSIDE the circle to spread the damage across the party easing the damage on one player.
  • Heaving sands – unavoidable.
  • Those Arcane Bombs are here too. Remember to run away from the group to the edge of the island, let healer dispel, then run back.
  • Lots of tank mechanics, just worry about yours.
  • Use all your damage-buffing cooldowns (cds) during this portion of the fight while you don’t have to focus as hard on avoiding things, because…
  • At 10% health, Azshara gets very upset about things and spawns more of everything and adds in violent winds to push you around and more lightning.
    • Save your self-healing abilities for this part of the fight.
    • Forget about your long-cast spells unless you can be mobile while casting them – focus on staying alive and doing what damage you can in short bursts.
    • On heroic, additional things are added to impede your ability to avoid the bad stuff.
    • There are some tricks you can employ – like moving as a group to avoid spawning tornadoes – but the likelihood of finding a group coordinated enough to employ them is highly unlikely in the dungeon finder.

If you have your own group and want to know more WowHead has the info here: http://www.wowhead.com/eye-of-azshara-dungeon-strategy-guide

Full credit for foundation material goes to WowHead, Sin3estra, WorldofMoudi, and the Quick Dungeon guide.


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