Diablo Anniversary Event: World of Warcraft

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For Diablo’s 20th Anniversary, each Blizzard game features a nice little nod to the celebration. For World of Warcraft it comes complete with a secret Cow Level. You can collect transmog items, town portal scrolls and some other items by killing the Treasure Goblin’s you find spawning in some places in the Broken Isles as well as the Dalaran Sewers. The event lasts until January 9th. Although many people are under the impression you can kill the Cow King once a day for loot, that is not correct. You can only get loot one time per toon. The good news is you can use all your alts that are at least 100 and have the ability to go to New Dalaran. 

Items you can collect from the Cow King:

Items you can collect from the treasure goblins:

Check out the video below which provides everything you need to know:


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