“It All Makes Sense Now” – Pre Legion Feat of Strength Achievement

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Part of the Legion pre patch brought a secret Feat of Strength called It All Makes Sense Now. Just be warned there will be some spoilers, but completing this will explain some things. This Feat of Strength is available until Legion launches. Below you will find everything you need to complete this Feat of Strength You can find these Doomsayers …

Legion PVP System Breakdown – Everything You Need To Know

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No doubt you’ve heard there are many changes coming our way for PvP in Legion, and because so much seemed to change in the Beta from day-to-day, we wanted to wait until the expansion was closer to launch in order to give you a breakdown that was as accurate as possible. The system can be a bit intimidating at first, …

Class Order Hall Mission Preview Guide: Legion

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In today’s video, we feature an overview of the Mission Board inside your Class Order Hall. The missions available here will be crucial in gaining research for your Order Hall and acquiring items you will need for your Artifact, Class and Order Hall advancement. We hope you enjoy this video!