BlizzCon: Closing Ceremony, Charity Auction and More

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Just announced is the closing concert artist:



‘Weird Al’ is a Grammy Award winning comedy musician known for his popular parody songs, such as Eat It, Like A Surgeon & Yoda.

Charity Auction

This year’s charity auction items has been revealed. Items include a Deathwing Plush and Original artwork. For a full list of items, see Blizzard’s Facebook page.

All proceeds go to the Children’s Hospital of Orange County.

World of Warcraft: Traveler

The first book of the World of Warcraft: Traveler series is now available via Amazon and Scholastic, as well as through the Blizzard Gear store as a BlizzCon exclusive.

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The wait is over. Start your journey with the first book in the World of Warcraft: Traveler series today!
This epic action-adventure novel is set in the Warcraft universe and features a cast of new characters discovering the mysteries and majesty of the world around them. Written by celebrated novelist, comic book author, and animation writer Greg Weisman, Traveler includes full-page sketches and a full-color cover illustration by Blizzard artist Samwise Didier.

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