Blizzard's Next Top Monster!

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Do you think you have what it takes to be Blizzard’s Next Top Monster? Blizzard is giving you the opportunity to do just that! This year, for the first time at BlizzCon, they are giving anyone the chance to let their inner monsters be heard. Should you prevail, you will be rewarded with the journey of a lifetime to Blizzard Headquarters in Irvine CA for a day. While there, your quest will consist of working with the Blizzard sound team as they bring your inner monster to life, creating an actual monster for one of Blizzards many games.

The auditions will begin Friday night at 7pm at the Voice Actor Stage in Hall A, but make sure to set up camp early because spots are limited! The final competition will take place on Saturday from 5pm to 6:30pm and everyone at the Convention is invited to come and witness the competition. Two of the top creature actors from Blizzard will help you to bring out your inner monster and a panel of Blizzard’s Lead Sound Designers will cast the vote on those who will be Blizzard’s next monster voice. This competition will be brutal! So, accept the quest to come and let your Roars, Screams, shrieks, and battle cries be heard!


Have you ever wondered what Jaina Proudmore actually looked like? Or who the great roars of Garrosh Hellscream really came from? After the competition, make sure to stick around to meet the judges and actors themselves, who will be signing autographs and answering questions. You can meet leading voices of Warcraft such as:

  • Keone Young, the voice of Chen Stormstout,
  • Patrick Seitz, the voice of Garrosh Hellscream,
  • Laura Bailey, the voice of Jaina Proudmoore,
  • Aaron Phillips, the voice of Wrathion
  • Josh Keaton, the voice of Anduin Wrynn

For more info, see the event details over at the BlizzCon event page

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