Blizzard Teases Possible New Hero, Efi Oladele

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Blizzard teased a possible new hero today, with a blog post highlighting the eleven year old Numbani robotics genius Efi Oladele. The blog post, which is an interview of Efi, focused on the young genius’ receipt of the “Adawe Foundation’s prestigious ‘genius grant.'” The interview hints at Efi’s possible hero abilities. At one point in the interview Efi says, “I want to create things that make our lives better. And someday, my dream is to build something that can keep us safe, like the new OR15s!” This seems to refer to the potential for Efi to build robots for battle; however, it is unclear what the OR15s might be within the Overwatch universe.

Efi would be the first new hero since the release of Sombra in November 2016. Blizzard has been more hesitant on releasing information after the prolonged, and criticized, Sombra hype. in a recent forum thread, Kaplan said “The reason we don’t talk about new hero development more is we took the community feedback regarding the Sombra ARG to heart.”

If Efi is the next hero released, that would confirm Kaplan’s statement that the 24th Overwatch hero would be different from the theorized and hyped Doomfist, which was suspected to be released soon based on a theory that originated on Reddit

UPDATE: Blizzard has released a follow up viral post on Twitter, featuring a mysterious attack on some OR15 robots. This post appears to be connected to Efi, as she described the OR15 in her interview as well as her origins in Numbani. Redditor r/lirikThump found on the Overwatch PTR changes to the Numbani map that mirror the changes released on Reddit earlier this month, as well as changes that reflect Blizzard’s tweet.

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