Blizzard Continues Korean Hacker Crackdown

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In a blogpost on the Korean Overwatch site, Blizzard released information about the continued crackdown on Korean hackers and nukers. This blogpost is the latest response to a long line of issues that have plagued the Korean Overwatch scene, many of which resulted in a ban of over 10,000 Korean Overwatch accounts in February.

The blogpost, which was translated from Korean by redditor /u/lotomos10, focused first on Blizzard’s commitment to keeping their online gameplay fair by developing techniques to address the Korean hacker community within the client through patches and server updates. Blizzard also stated a commitment to cracking down on the suppliers and enablers of the nuking and hacking software used by the cheaters.

One major element of the pervasive and repeated exploitation of Overwatch by the Korean community is the use and popularity of “PC Bangs,” popular gaming cafés in which players can play Overwatch without having purchased the game on their own accounts. Lotomos10 explained that these PC Bangs have created a habitat for scripters: “With this setup, you can use hacks and scripts without fear of bans, because if you get banned, instead of buying another copy of Overwatch for your new account, you can just create a new account and play it on the PC bang server for no cost whatsoever. Problem is, Korean accounts are tied to your Social Security Number, so you can only create so much per person.”

To combat this abuse, Blizzard has changed their account policy, making it so that only users with a Korean account can access Overwatch in the PC Bang environment. These restrictions do not apply to users who have purchased the game themselves, but should reduce the amount of abuse by players taking advantage of the PC Bang.

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