Azeroth Throwback Thursday – The Cape of Stranglethorn

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This week on Azeroth Throwback Thursday, I will be discussing the beautiful Cape of Stranglethorn. Don't be fooled by the beautiful scenery, because this zone is filled with dangerous Ghouls, ruthless Pirates and ferocious animals like Panthers and Tigers. In case you missed it, I covered the first half of the zone in my very first Azeroth Throwback Thursday video for Northern Stranglethorn Vale.

In this video, I will be discussing a variety of topics including rare spawns, battle pets and even some PvP shenanigans. 


The Cape of Stranglethorn is a level 30-35 zone. The rares I will encounter and discuss are Lord Sakrasis, a naga captain who is rumored to be working for Illidan and Lady Vashj. Scale Belly, a purple and green basilisk that use to drop the Chromatic Sword before the Cata-expansion which was sought by many players. Verifonix, the goblin boss, who is neutral and is simply overseeing the ruins until you decide to !@#$ his day. Kurmokk, the cute and cuddly gorilla that I keep calling Mukla. And finally, there is Rippa, the "JAWS" of Booty Bay. Beware of the water!

Grab a parrot, pour yourself some rum and enjoy!

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