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Site Creator & Editor In Chief - PWNCAST
I am a World of Warcraft nerd to the core. I am GM of The Riders of Rohan on Argent Dawn - US. I am Host of PWNCAST Podcast. I created this site to bring you news and guides from a player perspective. I also help admin for several Facebook Community Pages for World of Warcraft which includes: PWNCAST, World of Warlocks, WorldofWarcraft Memes. You can find me causing trouble all over Azeroth.
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Copy Editor - PWNCAST
Maining a Draenai Paladin since Wrath, I enjoy raiding whenever possible and like to pretend I'm pretty good at it. I enjoy Warcraft Lore, Leveling Alts and clearing old content. When I'm not in game, I'm probably taking care of my 3 kids, dressed like a pirate at the local Renfaire, RPing with friends or searching for new recipes to add to my repertoire.
Lore Writer - World of Warcraft
What is up everyone of the internet! I am Frostcairn the Fearless. I main a death knight on both factions, however my heart will always be with the Horde. I am quite the lore addict, but I am addicted to the sweet nectar of Mountain Dew. Lok'tar Ogar!
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Lore Writer - World of Warcraft
Hey! I'm Pomme - I play a Holy Paladin with a bad attitude, while I consistently maintain the most chipper attitude on raid nights. I make da pretty, I play da games. I am a huge Blizzard nerd but I will cry hot baby tears anytime someone mentions the FFVII remake as nostalgia hits me in waves and cling to my Tifa statuette til I drown in those waves. I play Mercy more than someone should but occasionally I moonlight as a cute Brazilian DJ.

I also draw some p sweet pix.
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Content Writer - World of Warcraft
I enjoy walks on the beach, craft beer and World of Warcraft. Unfortunately only two of those work well together. I love Warcraft Lore, playing the game with friends and having a good time 😉
Content Writer - Overwatch
I am a longtime gamer, first playing Magic: The Gathering, then World of Warcraft, Team Fortress 2, Dota 2 and now Overwatch.
Fluffernut on Twitter
Content Writer - Overwatch
I am a 10 year veteran of teaching middle school English and I love it! I have been playing WoW for just under that amount of time. I detect a direct correlation between middle school kids and needed to destroy pixelated monsters!