UI Improvements: Patch 7.2

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There are several quality of life improvements that have been added for Patch 7.2. A lot of these we have addons for but Blizzard is putting them into game which is good new for those who do not like addons. I have highlighted them in the below video so you can see what is coming in Patch 7.2.  

Artifact Weapon Trait Additions – What You Need To Know: Patch 7.2 Legion

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In a very long forum post, “Watcher” Ion Hazzikostas outlined where we stand with our Weapons and artifact power, things that are changing in order to gain even more power with our weapon and introduced a mechanic that will lower the gap between the grinders and the seldom players. They have also opened up more artifact research, which now caps at 40, …

Cathedral of Eternal Night – Legion Dungeon Preview

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With Patch 7.2 there will be a new dungeon added to the mix. This dungeon is called Cathedral of Eternal Night and will be a 5 man dungeon with 4 bosses in total. I went though the dungeon on PTR to get a feel for the bosses and the mechanics and I have to say I was pretty pleased with …

Mischief Managed: 2.5 Million Raised

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From December 2nd, 2016 to December 22nd, 2016 World of Warcraft nerds around the world rushed to the Blizzard online store to buy the adorable Mischief the Kitty in-game pet and the Mischief Plush Toy. This adorable and mischievous little fel kitty stole our hearts and our money. The cause for this clamor was an amazing one – with all the proceeds …

Diablo Anniversary Event: World of Warcraft

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For Diablo’s 20th Anniversary, each Blizzard game features a nice little nod to the celebration. For World of Warcraft it comes complete with a secret Cow Level. You can collect transmog items, town portal scrolls and some other items by killing the Treasure Goblin’s you find spawning in some places in the Broken Isles as well as the Dalaran Sewers. …

Snow Fight: A WarCraft Tale – Written By Chris Metzen

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While browsing through Amazon doing my last minute Christmas shopping, I found this little gem that, had previously gone out of print and looks like it is once again available for purchase.  Written by our beloved Chris Metzen with artwork by Wei Wang, Snow Fight: A WarCraft Tale features our favorite World of Warcraft characters and discusses themes like  bullying, love and friendship. Pick …

Developer Q & A – December 7: Legion 7.1.5

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Ion “Watcher” Hazzikostas and Josh “Lore” Allen sat down on Twitch.tv/warcraft for the newest Developer Q&A.  Today’s Q&A had a more to do with legendaries and class tuning and less to do with most other things.  Let’s get right to it. Is the secondary stat “squish” not going to hurt specs that rely on Crit (Fire Mage) or Mastery (Arms Warr) …

Dave Kosak: From World of Warcraft to Hearthstone

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Dave Kosak has announced on November 30th that he has joined the Hearthstone team via Twitter. His Tweet came to most as a shock when it stated simply, The @PlayHearthstone team welcomed me with a plate of cookies! <3 Related news: I’m on the #Hearthstone team now 😀 pic.twitter.com/6lEWo8bz6J — Dave Kosak (@DaveKosak) November 29, 2016 Dave was noticed by …

Falcosaur Guide

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Patch 7.1  introduced some new world quests to the Broken Isles. For the avid collector this is great news because this means we also get new battle pets and mounts! There are 4 different Falcosaur pets to collect. These pets each offer daily quests and completing the 15 days of quests with 1 of the 4 orphan hatchlings will grant …