Are You Prepared? – Legion Leveling Supplies Checklist

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Now is the time to get PREPARED for Legion! Make sure that all your toons have the gear necessary to make leveling as efficient as possible as soon as Legion drops – that way you won’t need to scramble around getting supplies on release day to start leveling.

  • Food – The price of fish has plummeted since the personal loot garrison fishing changes. Although new food will eventually be needed in Legion, having the buff while leveling will certainly be helpful.
  • Flasks – Similarly to the food buff, new flasks will quickly replace the WoD flasks. But instead of selling or even vendoring your old mats, consider making some flasks for your alts!
  • Runes – Runes will still be useful while leveling in Legion. Don’t forget to use your Empowered Augment Rune if you’ve previously purchased it from the vendor in Tanaan.
  • Potions – Draenic stat potions are great for a little extra burst during that world boss or rare spawn.
  • Healing Potions – Not necessary for warlocks because of their healthstones, but definitely a must have for everyone else! Healing Tonics are super cheap to craft with First Aid, and can also be purchased from the Auction House for a small price.
  • Mana Potions – Healers, I beg of you – get some freaking mana pots! Don’t be that guy in a dungeon that goes OOM between every pull. You might also want to pick up some drinks from a vendor for out of combat mana regen.
  • War Drums – Crafted by leatherworkers, Drums of Fury act as a slightly less efficient Heroism/Time Warp. This is great for group gameplay that lacks a class with these abilities.
  • Tents – If you’ve got a Tannery in your garrison, make sure to stock up on tents! These BoA items can be sent to alts and then placed on the ground while buffing up. After sitting under one for 10 seconds, you will gain a Well Rested buff that increases your character’s stats by 10% for one hour, making leveling that much easier!
  • Enchants and Gems – You’ll be getting new gear super quickly while questing, so these really aren’t all that necessary. But for those try hards that like to go above and beyond – make sure you’ve got maxed out enchants and gems for all your armor and weapons.
  • Gliders – Goblin Glider Kits are a must have for getting around quickly. To all you demon hunters, I know what you’re thinking – but not everyone can be special, okay?!
  • Mailbox – GUMM-E is an Engineering Works item that places a portable mailbox for use by nearby players. This is great for sending off your junk to free up some bag space while questing in the wilderness. You do not need to have Engineering to purchase or to use the item, but it only has 3 charges, and you can only hold one at a time per character.
  • Bags – Seriously, if you don’t have full Hexweave Bags on all your characters by now, then you really need to get your life together.
  • Battle Standard – Purchased from a guild vendor in any capital city, the Battle Standard of Coordination is a reusable item that increases the experience, honor, and reputation of kills you get within a certain radius. Placing this in an area that you quest or farm in can help you get some easy XP (note the emphasis on reusable – I bought like 10 the first time I used this for farming Bloodsail rep).
  • Talent Tomes – Tome of Clear Mind is needed to change talents in a non-rested area, and Codex of the Clear Mind can provide utility to your entire raid group.
Fun Stuff
  • Cookies – I like to keep some Chocolate Cookies on hand. These are great to hand out and make a guildie’s day during raid night. The recipe and materials for crafting can be purchased from the Cataclysm cooking vendors in any major capital city.
  • Prisms – Reflecting Prisms are also fun to bring to raids or group events. I like to have at lease one on all of my characters. Combined with other toys, you might just end up with a raid full of 30 costumed players taking down a boss.

Lastly – have fun!  

We all hope that you enjoy Legion as much as we are enjoying telling you about it.  Please check back with PwncastDa!lyQuest for all things Blizzard.

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