Who We Are

You might be wondering who PWNCAST is and what makes us the authority on World of Warcraft? Well given that fact that most have us are still giant children, which would a valid question. We are like-minded individuals and friends both in-game and outside of the game who offer all kinds of World of Warcraft content as brought to you by the everyday player. We offer different points of view and aspects and focus on bringing you the changes and help that is for NON-PRO’S. We are by the players for the players. What we provide to you is tried and tested personally by the writers. We are gamers just like you who want to give the community a voice. This has been in the workings for quite some time and after a lot of hard work, it is finally ready. There are great sites out there for Blizzard Games. Wowhead, Wow Insider which is now Blizzard Watch and MMO Champion. The great news is there is always room for more! The nature of PWNcast and everyone involved from the listeners, admins and cast have always been for the players by the players. We have always prided ourselves in bringing you game play, news, pvp, pve, community and our insight based not on the pros and famous streamers, but as the everyday player in the world of Warcraft trenches. We wanted to create and build a place for EVERY PLAYER to get helpful and fun information. We wanted to guide and entertain on a larger scale than just being a podcast. With that said PWNCAST is proud to present The Daily Quest. This is site embraces all the things we love about other news sites and brings unique insight for every type of player. Packed with great articles, videos, how to’s for all aspects of Blizzard games. We have a great staff of writers that will be bringing you fresh content and news every day as it happens. We will be constantly adding to the site as we including forums for all and so much more. Since we are Facebook admins by nature we have never really been able to give out as much info as we wanted with Facebook Community and this allows the pleasure of doing that! We are Friends, Players, Facebook Community Admins and Fellow Gaming Nerds