5 Things to Complete Before Legion: Patch 7.2

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I have taken all the various things we need to do before Patch 7.2 and highlighted the top 5 most important ones. 

  • Get your rep with all Legion Factions to Exalted, so you can start on the Paragon rep right away; a new concept for patch 7.2.
    • For every 10,000 additional rep past Exalted you earn with Legion factions, you get a cache from the repeatable quest.
    • You can get all kinds of things from these boxes, including mounts and toys.
  • Make sure your class order hall campaign is complete.
    • You will need to have that done to begin the new order hall quest line for further order hall advancements.
  • Complete Legion Pathfinder Part One.
    • Pathfinder Part 2 is pretty easy, minus the Legionfall rep grind, since they removed the requirement of breaching the tomb which is a lengthy set of questing.
      • Defender of the Broken Isles
        • Complete the Legion assault quest-lines in all zones except Suramar
      • Explore Broken Shore.
        • Explore the whole zone by revealing all shaded areas on your map.
      • Legionfall Commander.
        • Revered with Legionfall, the new faction in 7.2
  • Gain as many Artifact weapon traits as possible.
    • You want to be at least rank 35, but keep adding to the Paragon trait as it will be refunded beyond rank 34 so you can add to the new traits and ranks that you unlock in patch 7.2.
    • Max your Artifact Knowledge to 24- in Patch 7.2 it will be increased to 40 after a small questline once you are in the Broken Shore.
  • Pet Levels
    With the new pet battle dungeon coming you will want a variety of different types of pets maxed out and ready to go. Depending on your skill, there are a variety of pet battle dungeons you can complete. 

I have also outlined everything in a quick video here:

There is no release date announced for patch 7.2 but my money is on March 28, but it is available for testing on the PTR now!

Stay tuned for more exciting Legion updates.

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