4/13 Alpha Update

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“Finally” is the keyword for this upcoming Alpha update. All classes and their specs, including Destruction Warlocks, are available with the level cap at 110. Also, the Broken Shore event will be open for testing on the Alliance faction. Lastly, the new opening event for Legion, Broken Shore, will be available as well as a new questing system called World and Emissary Quests will be open for testing when you hit lvl 110. World and Emissary Quests are a new way to do endgame questing, which I will explain in a bit.

Hey all,
We have another alpha build going up today. This build includes a variety of revisions and bugfixes all around.

Notable changes focused on classes:

  • New Specialization Unlocked – Finally, the last specialization is unlocked. We’d love any and all feedback about gameplay, artifact quest line, abilities, etc.
  • Destruction Warlock
  • Level Cap Raised to 110 – You can now level all the way to 110.
  • Broken Shore (Alliance) available – Alliance players will be given the quest “The Legion Returns” upon logging in. Follow Varian Wrynn to the Broken Shore and face off against Gul’dan in the experience that will begin your adventure into Broken Isles.
  • World Quests available – Once you level to 110, World Quests and Emissary Quests will appear on your map. This is our new approach to endgame questing in Legion. Please direct your feedback to the new World Quests forum here:http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/22813803/
  • Class Status – We’ve made many iterations based on feedback and testing. Here are some highlights:
  • Frost Mages – Splitting Ice has returned.
  • Frost Death Knights – Many talents revised for more engaging gameplay.
  • Unholy Death Knights – Many talents revised for more engaging gameplay. Artifact ability revised further.
  • Windwalker Monks – Fists of Fury, Spinning Crane Kick, and Storm, Earth, and Fire revised to adjust AoE gameplay.
  • All Hunters – Growl threat massively increased.
  • Subtlety Rogues – Master of Shadows and Relentless Strikes swapped and revised.

Thanks, and we look forward to your feedback!

Also, check out the design notes from the previous build, if you haven’t already as well:http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20742806438

So, what is this World Quest system? Simply put it removes the need to run a daily quest hub; Once you unlock World Quests, you simply open your map and search for quests on the map. There will be different types of quests and different rewards for each. There are a variety of different ways to do them also, “World Quests will show you quests, rare elite spawns, rare spawns, pet battles, outdoor PvP activities, world bosses, special dungeon activities, profession activities, and more.” This new system seems really interesting and the possibilities could be limitless for “filler” content. Surprisingly World Quests aren’t daily, so maybe they’re steering away from daily questing: “Some World Quests will stick around for a week, such as world bosses, while others will rotate every three hours, such as PvP towers.” All of these examples are a different flavor compared to what we are accustomed to and I like it. They want you engaged in finding events and being involved in an evolving world, not just running to a strict quest hub on a daily basis.
Emissary Quests are the second part of this system and they will represent the major factions of Legion. You’ll receive a new quest from them every day, which will appear on your map in the Broken Isles. It functions like the Timewalking Weekly quest: you will need to complete X World Quests that are affiliated with the respective faction the emissary is from. Also, “Each Emissary quest will be available for three days.” This is great for those that feel overwhelmed with being locked to dailies, where if you miss one day you can fall behind… and sometimes significantly.
The loot for World & Emissary Quests will hold many different types, “…including toys, mounts, battle pets, and even power items.” This will bring a variety of activities to do with substantial rewards for your time. All in all, these World Quests seem like a fun twist to endgame dailies that we so familiar with. I’m looking forward to what all this entails for the expansion as the World Quests grow in future updates to Legion.
Here is the blue post on the details for World Quests: World Quests Design Notes
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