12 Steps to Getting Organized Before Legion

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You know that really annoying guy who spends hours meticulously rearranging their WoW inventory so that everything is perfectly organized alphanumerically in ascending order with a prime number of items that is equal to the amount of full moon rotations in the upcoming leap year? Yeah – that’s me. As a kid I also used to divide my M&M’s into groups by color and then would proceed to eat them at a proportionate rate, that way no color felt discriminated against for having less members than another.

Anyways, I digress – you get the point – I like being organized! Hopefully this list will help you get your shit together for Legion, so that you too can become an organizational freak!

  1. Inventory – Do you really need all that Pocket Lint? Try cleaning things up a bit, and visit a vendor once in a while!
  2. Bank – Similarly to your inventory, your bank should be tidy. The reagent bank can be used to store current mats, and old mats should probably be cleaned out. While you’re there, make sure to unlock each expansion slot for your alts and fill them with Hexweave Bags for optimal storage.
  3. Void Storage – With the advent of the new transmog system, it’s not really necessary to keep all your old transmog gear. The Void Storage is still great for keeping items with sentimental value, like your prized Warglaives of Azzinoth, However, general gear can be vendored after being added to your appearance collection tab.
  4. Quest Log – As of the 7.0 pre-patch, quests can now be ignored and temporarily hidden. However, you still have a hard cap of 25 per character, so make sure to abandon or finishany outdated quests and to save some room for leveling during Legion.
  5. Addons – If you use the Curse Client to download addons, make sure everything is up to date for the new expansion. Most developers have put out multiple updates since the pre-patch, and the last thing you want to have to deal with on release day is a broken UI.
  6. UI – Speaking of your interface, make sure to configure all of your addons across each character. For example, I use different raid frames for my healing toons, so setting up the profiles can be a bit tedious.
  7. Action Bars – With all the recent class changes, it’s not a bad idea to open up your spellbook and make sure you haven’t missed anything! Make sure everything you need is on an action bar, and that your keybinds are setup and working.
  8. Transmog Outfits – Make sure to show up to raid night in style! Need an idea for a sweet xmog set? Check out my guide on the Scarlet Crusade tabard and armor set!
  9. Garrison – I’ve also written a guide about setting up your garrison for a little extra gold making throughout Legion. Make sure that everything is in order before leaving Draenor for the Broken Isles!
  10. Friends List – Keeping your friends list organized is important. If you don’t talk regularly, you probably won’t remember who WildSwagtacularYolo69 is – and that’s where notes come in. Simply right click anyone on your friends list to note their name and any other info you want to remember about them. Now you’ll never forget who they are!
  11. Macros – If you use any macros for your class rotation, you’ll want to make sure they’re updated for Legion! Lot’s of abilities changed with the pre-patch, so make sure to check class guides for relevant macros.
  12. Guild – If you’re a guild master or officer, consider organizing the guild vault, info tab, message of the day, guild website, etc. If you’re not part of the guild leadership, you can still organize your characters by setting guild notes so that others can easily identify your alts, what professions they have, and their main spec.

So while you may not go all-out, super full-on, über organized like me, hopefully this list has still given you a few quick ideas of way to be prepared for Legion!

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