7.1 Quality of Life Improvements

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With 7.1 just around the corner Blizzard has made some changes which will improve leveling alts, rep grinding and more. Leveling Alts With the changes in 7.0 for leveling characters, Blizzard found the flow of spell progression needed some fixing. Spells will have a more gradual progression as you hit level 20, 40, 50 & BEYOND. Rep Items New reputation …


Hallow’s End 2016: The Spirits are Alive!

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It is that time of year to scare your friends or even better, the children. New this year, from October 18- November 1, Hallow’s End comes to Draenor, Outland and Azeroth, including New Dalaran and Val’saharah. Along with the returning chance to get the  The Horseman’s Reins from the Headless Horseman he also drops 835 loot. Other new additions include: New  Tricky Treat vendor …


Tom Chilton Passing Reigns To Lead New Blizzard Project

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Tom Chilton, long time Game Designer, has been with World of Warcraft since Alpha in 2004. Tom just recently announced that he will be handing over the reigns of Game Director to Lead Developer, Ion Hazzikostas. He is not leaving Blizzard but  stated he is working on a new “Blizzard” project, which makes you wonder of the possibilities of a new World …


Robert Craig Pet Battle Achievement Guide

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Today I’ll bring you some video guides showing easy strategies for the different pet battle teams to use against Robert Craig. You can easily power level pets against Robert Craig when he appears as a World Quest or you can work towards your Family Familiar achievement. All three of Robert Craig’s pets are beast pets, so the obvious choice is …


Where to Go, What to Do at Blizzcon

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Are you headed to BlizzCon in November and don’t know what to expect or where to go? Blizzard just released the floor plan and daily schedules for the weekends activities. FRIDAY SCHEDULE SATURDAY SCHEDULE FLOOR PLAN So just get with your friends and pre-plan your days so you can get the most out of BlizzCon. Opening Ceremonies Blizzard will be …


Overwatch Halloween Terror Event Begins

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Yesterday, Blizzard released a new Overwatch patch, and with it the game developer included the second event for the game, the Halloween Terror event. This event, like the previous Summer Games event, features a new game mode, plenty of seasonal items, and even a Halloween-inspired comic. New Ghoulish Items The new event introduces more than 100 new cosmetic items to …


Overwatch Patch – October 11th, 2016

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Blizzard released a new patch on October 11th, 2016. This patch features some small balance changes as well as a new PvE brawl mode and a new Halloween event. The balance changes were small, with slight changes to Ana, Widowmaker and Junkrat. Widowmaker recieved the most controversial change, with an increased speed for her shots to charge up. Widowmaker had …