Legacy of a Hero Tyr the Keeper

Legacy of a Hero: Tyr the Keeper

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To seek justice are you willing to sacrifice everything? Even yourself? After defeating the great beast Galakrond, Tyr would help his siblings empower the five proto-dragons that assisted him. Though many years later, Tyr would face his most challenging opponent in the form of Loken. Loken, who had been plagued by Yogg-Saron, had fallen to the Old God’s influence. Tyr, …

Guardian of Tirisfal

Guardian of Tirisfal

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In the last article we covered the Council of Tirisfal and their creation of the Guardian to fight the Burning Legion, which trickles into the physical world. Guardians continued their duty to keep the peace of Azeroth, however they only had two fates. They either retired their powers to the next Guardian or died while fighting against the burning Legion. …

No More Hand Holding During Raids

No More “Hand Holding” During Raids – GamesCom Dev Interview #2

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Player developed UI add-ons have been a long-time accepted part of World of Warcraft. Blizzard has even incorporated many add-ons into the default UI; things like the Quest Journal and Dungeon/Raid maps and loot lists. Assistant Game Director, Ion  ‘Watcher’ Hazzikostas announced at Gamescom that, as of Patch 7.1, Raid add-ons will no longer be able to show you where to …

Legion News (1)

Legion Q&A with Ion Hazzikostas – 19 Aug 2016

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With Legion right around the corner, Blizzard released another interview with Ion Hazzikostas – this time with FatbossTV. He talks about future patches and gameplay during Legion. Watch the VOD for details of the interview or read below for a summary. 7.1 – Karazhan Mega 5 player dungeon; Small raid TBA after Legion launches; Additional chapters in the Suramar storyline; Dungeons …