UI Improvements: Patch 7.2

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There are several quality of life improvements that have been added for Patch 7.2. A lot of these we have addons for but Blizzard is putting them into game which is good new for those who do not like addons. I have highlighted them in the below video so you can see what is coming in Patch 7.2.  

Orisa Released

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Following a brief and successful viral campaign, Blizzard is officially releasing Orisa, the game’s first tank hero, to the main Overwatch client. Blizzard has released a new video to commemorate her launch. Lead developer Jeff Kaplan describes Orsa as Overwatch’s second “Anchor Tank,” and she features a powerful shield, a devastating long-range minigun attack and an ultimate that empowers her …

Artifact Weapon Trait Additions – What You Need To Know: Patch 7.2 Legion

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In a very long forum post, “Watcher” Ion Hazzikostas outlined where we stand with our Weapons and artifact power, things that are changing in order to gain even more power with our weapon and introduced a mechanic that will lower the gap between the grinders and the seldom players. They have also opened up more artifact research, which now caps at 40, …

Blizzard Tweaks Competitive Matchmaker, Releases Small Balance Patch

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In two Overwatch forum posts posted yesterday, Blizzard announced changes to the current patch as well as changes to Competitive Mode’s matchmaker. The balance patch reduced the effectiveness of Bastion and Zarya,  and changed the maximum percentage of damage reduction a hero can be buffed with. The changes to Bastion focused on the hero’s new Ironclad ability, which was introduced …

Blizzard Reveals Orisa, A New Overwatch Hero

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Ending a relatively short viral publicity campaign, filled with slight red herrings while also teasing the upcoming arrival of Doomfist, Blizzard has announced and released a new Overwatch hero, Orisa. The new Tank hero is an omnic designed by pre-teen genius Efi Oladele. Efi, who we at PDQ suspected to be the new hero, designed Orisa following an attack by Doomfist (a …

Season Four Begins and Brings Changes to Competitive Play

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In a post on the Overwatch Blog, Blizzard announced the beginning of Overwatch’s fourth season of Competitive Play. This season brings with it a number of changes to Competitive Play’s ladder system, and changes to some of the game’s mechanics. The first change is a tweak to the game’s skill rating decay system, which was introduced in season two. The …

Blizzard Unveils Overwatch Game Browser

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In a video posted to the Overwatch YouTube channel, Blizzard announced a new feature for Overwatch. The new game browser offers a unique new way to experience Overwatch, and allows players to customize their gaming experience. The new game browser is an update to the game’s Arcade. The new browser features the ability to create individual games with customizable rulesets, …

Blizzard Continues Korean Hacker Crackdown

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In a blogpost on the Korean Overwatch site, Blizzard released information about the continued crackdown on Korean hackers and nukers. This blogpost is the latest response to a long line of issues that have plagued the Korean Overwatch scene, many of which resulted in a ban of over 10,000 Korean Overwatch accounts in February. The blogpost, which was translated from …

Blizzard Teases Possible New Hero, Efi Oladele

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Blizzard teased a possible new hero today, with a blog post highlighting the eleven year old Numbani robotics genius Efi Oladele. The blog post, which is an interview of Efi, focused on the young genius’ receipt of the “Adawe Foundation’s prestigious ‘genius grant.’” The interview hints at Efi’s possible hero abilities. At one point in the interview Efi says, “I want …

Dungeons for Dummies: A Legion Guide for Ranged DPS Newbies and Late Starters (Part II)

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Part II – We continue our dungeon guide for dummies with: Dungeon 2: The Eye of Azshara (98-110) Located in Azsuna, Broken Isles. Early encounters in this dungeon include things like lightning and tornadoes. Stay out of the blue lightning on the ground, and try to steer clear of the tornadoes. Some mobs (depending on the path your tank chooses) …

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